RATES: $65+ PC & $79+ APPLE  + Parts      FREE Diagnotic

​*restrictions apply to some repairs

* Computer maintenance, disk clean up, disk defragmentation

* Install Window XP/Vista/7/8/10,Apple OS

* Data recovery

* Data backup - create restore point

* Computer upgrades - upgrade memory or hard drive

* Software installation - windows or business software

* Antivirus installation and live update

* Virus removal - remove the Trojan horse virus and others

* Spyware removal, clean up cookies, delete temp files

* Tranfer data, document files, mp3 music, picture



Tablets &Iphone Ipad Ipod & Smart Phone

* We repair all broken screen

* Repair power jack

* Clean up water damages

* Recovery phone number, picuture & notes

* Troubleshooting your phone problems

* Transfer info from old phone to new phone

(209) 248-7483

945 Coffee Rd Suite 3 Modesto CA 95355 

Operating System Repair and Configuration


​​​​​Hardware System Repair

* We repair all electrical devices!!!

* Laptop is on but no display, laptop makes noise

* Laptop motherboards (water damages, dead motherboard)

* Hard Drive (makes nosie, blue screen, missing system files)

* Power boards (won’t boot, no sign of power)

* LCDs (for dim or flickering screens, broken, blank screen)

* Power Jack (needs to be adjusted to function)

* Troubleshooting hardware and software problems